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We thrive on the opportunity to solve challenging problems and help businesses using artificial intelligence

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Catalyst AI emerged from the world renowned Computer Science and Technology Department at the University of Cambridge. By leveraging the expertise of professors, postdocs and PhDs from leading research institutions, we bring the latest in artificial intelligence and data science to industry.

We thrive on the opportunity to solve challenging problems and help businesses using artificial intelligence.

Catalyst AI operates on a consultancy basis, selectively undertaking deeper collaborations and joint ventures with promising projects.


We are experts in...

Natural language processing
A field that specialises in the interaction between humans and language and the development of computational models to process and understand large amounts of textual data.
Machine Learning
Development of computational models that can learn and improve from data, without being explicitly programmed.
Data analytics
The general scientific methods and processes of extracting knowledge and insight from data.
Computer vision
A field that specialises in developing computational models that can process and understand large amounts of visual data
Reinforcement learning
Machine learning models that learn by capturing reward signal by interacting with the environment.
Deep learning
Machine learning models that contain several layers of neurons which learn from experience.
Bayesian modelling
A framework to model uncertainty with probabilities and update those probabilities (beliefs) with evidence from new data
A field that specialises in understanding, preventing, and foreseeing any threats to computer systems, software, and information
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What we do...
AI Strategy & Education
AI is transforming business. Are you ready?
  • Understand the AI landscape and relevant technologies
  • Identify opportunities specific to your business
  • Develop a long term AI strategy
We offer tailored content for your executives, managers and engineering teams. We aim to empower your business to drive it’s AI roadmap and transformational priorities quickly and efficiently.
Bespoke Solutions
Leverage AI to cut costs, improve efficiency and grow revenue. Our team can:
  • Design AI solutions to meet key business objectives
  • Develop, implement, and maintain on the cloud or in-house
  • Manage change to minimise disruption in the transformation
We offer end-to-end bespoke AI services, delivering scalable, enterprise grade applications. We advocate co-development where possible.
Catalyst Engine
A toolbox of core AI methods on demand.
  • Delivery through API or in-house
  • Low-cost building blocks for bespoke solutions
  • Latest and most efficient AI methods
The Catalyst Engine contains reusable AI methods and functions. It allows us to deploy critical components of your AI solutions at a fraction of the cost of their original development. You shouldn’t need to pay for everything to be built from scratch.

We've worked with...

AI in action

We have..

Predicted the directional shift in oil prices using signal from Twitter
Developed a deep learning model to automatically grade essays
Used reinforcement learning to create automated tutors for language learners
Forecasted the success rate of marketing campaigns
Built deep learning based intrusion detection systems
Created a language model that understands cryptocurrency jargon
Modelled trading behavior in the blockchain
Predicted potato yields based on seasonal and historical data
Meet some of our interdisciplinary team
Raymond CEO Technology entrepreneur and engineer. Previously CEO of Ventoura - Best Mobile Service Finland 2015. MPhil at the University of Cambridge in Engineering.
Ahmed CTO AI researcher. PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge in Computer Science. Previously at Accenture Strategy designing and implementing technology solutions for major multinationals.
Marwa Research Consultant AI researcher. Fellow at King’s College, Cambridge. Affiliated Lecturer at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory Graphics and Interaction Group. PhD at the University of Cambridge in Computer Science.
Muntazir Research Scientist Mathematician. PhD and MASt from the University of Cambridge in Applied Mathematics. Member of the Stephen Hawking Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, Cambridge. Previously a Lecturer at the Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship.
Alex Research Scientist Cybersecurity researcher. PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge in Computer Science working with Professor Ross Anderson. Previously a financial analyst at KPMG.
Evan Software Engineer Full-stack developer. Excellent track record of developing secure, scalable architectures. BSc from Monash University, Australia in Computer Science and Mathematics.
Wenchao Software Engineer Full-stack developer with global entrepreneurial experience. Formerly consulted for Baidu. BEng from Griffith University, Australia in Computer Science.
Talal Legal Legal Assistant. Ensuring efficient handling of industry specific intellectual property and contractual matters. BA from Birmingham University and GDL and LPC from BPP London.
Thibaut Research Scientist AI researcher. Postdoc at Imperial College, PhD in Computational Statistics at the University of Oxford with Professors Teh and Doucet, MASt Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Previously at Alan Turing Institute, MIT, CERN and Amazon.
Ying Research Scientist AI Researcher. BA and MEng from the University of Cambridge in Computer Science, including a year of experience at MIT. Previously interned at Bloomberg and Google.
Ted Advisor Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge, inaugural Director of the ALTA Institute. Has published over 100 research articles and three books on automated speech and language processing. Also a successful entrepreneur, spinning out SwiftKey (acquired by Microsoft) and iLexIR.
Damien Research Consultant AI consultant. PhD, MPhil in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge. MSci in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from École polytechnique (X), France. Previously at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre and IBM Research.
Ahmed Research Scientist Healthcare AI researcher. Postdoc at Imperial College London, PhD in Medical Image Analysis from University of Warwick. Research and development work has included biomarker discovery for cancer, dementia and cardiovascular diseases in partnership with various NHS trusts.
Vince Research Consultant AI consultant. MSc in Robotics from the University of Bristol. Previously at MathWorks and Cambridge Consultants. Worked with clients from many industries including healthcare, agriculture, automotive and aerospace.
Jordan Research Scientist Full stack developer and AI researcher. Previously managed deployment of ML applications for Facebook News Feed and conducted research at FAIR. MPhil in Computer Science, University of Cambridge. BSc in EECS from Berkeley.
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Democratising AI

We believe in democratising AI by making it available to the many, not the few.

Much of the world’s top AI talent is locked away in universities and major tech corporations, but thousands of other businesses can also benefit from applied AI.

We believe in democratising AI by making it available to the many, not the few.

Building an internal AI capability is time-consuming, high risk and expensive. Catalyst AI removes these barriers and delivers you the benefits of AI in the shortest possible time.

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